Who is this ‘Bones’?

Some guy in Ohio

That's what they say when they see me walking down the street – “there goes Bones, he's some guy.”   Do you want to know more about me?   My life is an open book – unfortunately it's in a quaint, unheard-of language.   Even I only understand a smattering of it.   What's a smatter?   Nothing, what's a smatter with you?  

A guy of many talents

Forty talents of gold – that's what my parents paid the gypsies for me.   How were they to know that I would turn out to be such a listless ne'er-do-well?   Probably could have talked those Romany roamers down to ten talents of silver, or copper . . . maybe even zinc.   Ennyhoo, regardless of my lack of a list, regardless of my lackluster performance in school, regardless of my lack of regard for common values, my parents carefully nurtured my creative side, leaving me a little one-sided.   Still, that side of me flourished, and I became more of an artist than a person, though I learned a practical art or two, too.   I built this website primarily to make the less practical art of poetry I practice accessible to more people – I hope you find it useful.

Old King Bones

Old King Bones had some merry old stones
Some merry old stones had he
He called for his pipe and called for his bowl
And got stoned with his fiddlers three