Bones’ garden 2007

These are not full-resolution photos, but I didn't want to shrink them down too much – if you're having trouble seeing the whole picture without scrolling there are two things you can do:

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  3. the stone koala guardin’ the garden with cauliflower-leaf hat

    Cliome and Rudbeckia flowers - little yellow cinquefoils in the background have red leaves in early months

    Redid this corner this year (2007), look down the page to see how huge this colocasia got

    See what I mean? It needed lots of water just to stay alive in this drought year

    Every time a leaf died, a newer, bigger one grew

    Another redo, this narrow strip on either side of the faucet is now mostly herbs

    The other side of the faucet

    Closeup of the other side

    The fence along the north side of the backyard gets the most sun

    The fenceline trees to the west block the evening light –

    – as you can see from the deck

    the early sun hits this area just fine

    Love those cannas!

    You would probably be surprised how many of these plants are in containers

    Another view of the monster colocasia

    A visitor

    A neighbor

    A neighbor again

    the front of the house

    I call these the dinner-plate hibiscus

    And then there’s the Chinese hibiscus; spends winter indoors

    Here's the Chinese hibiscus close to the time I'm posting this page, March, 2008 – but now I'm getting ahead of myself . . .